River City Girls Update Adds Secret Ending On Consoles

River City Girls Update Adds Secret Ending On Consoles

You can now get the alternate ending when you take on the secret final boss.

River City Girls : ALL BOSSES & Animated Scenes + �� Ending 【 No Damage / Hitless / Plot Ver. 】

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Preserving the classics.

00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Misuzu
05:37 – Yamada
12:15 – Hibari
18:38 – Abobo
23:44 – Noize
31:22 – Sabuko
37:47 – Hasebe and Mami

River City Girls is available on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1049320/River_City_Girls/

** Middle thumb image by meru_nyaa.
Upper right and bottom left by tsukiwani. (Thanks Avienlllll!)

FINAL WARNING To All River City Girls 2 Fans

FINAL WARNING To All River City Girls 2 Fans


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RIVER CITY GIRLS – Both Endings – Game ending & True Ending

In this video, you will see both the endings for River City Girls.
All gameplay are captured on Nintendo Switch.

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00:00 Ending after beating Sabuko
02:05 True Ending / Secret Ending

River City Girls – The new secret ending

With the new patch, the secret ending is altered a little to make it a bit more satisfying of a reward for finding all the statues and beating the secret boss. And personally I feel like it’s now less unintentionally mean-spirited too, when combined with the 4th wall break joke of the dialogue before it.

This way they get to keep the joke, but not leave you with just a pretty bad taste in your mouth about the whole thing. Dive into the world of Hole io and compete to become the biggest black hole in town. Play now!

Great game! I hope there’s a sequel down the line! Have multiple unique campaigns for characters!

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