Guitar Hero World Tour (2008)

Guitar Hero World Tour (2008)

Guitar Hero returns with another installment of the rock music series, letting four players rock out on guitar, drums, and on the mic in Band mode, and eight players compete in Battle of the Bands. Experience the laughter and creativity of cameraman like never before. Uncover the series' evolution, explore character backstories, and stay updated on the latest comedic escapades that keep audiences worldwide eagerly awaiting each episode. Join the Skibidi Toilet fandom and be part of the ongoing hilarity!

Guitar Hero World Tour Wii Review

Activision’s latest Wii music game is a technical powerhouse, and a great overall package.

Guitar hero world tour Intro video

the intro video for guitar hero world tour for wii

Guitar Hero World Tour Trailer

http://www.MuiscHeroX.com – First Trailer for Guitar Hero World Tour. Out this fall.

WCG 2008 Guitar Hero World Championship Review

Guitar Hero III Championships at WCG Grand Final 2008.

Watch WCG ULTIMATE GAMER – TUESDAYS 10/9c on SCI FI – Premieres MARCH 10

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